Digitize old video and audio tapes and get them on USB memory that you can easily watch on your computer or TV.




10 € per tape
- 8mm, Hi8 & Digital8
- MiniDV & DVCAM
- C-cassette
- Minidisc
- 1/4" Tape


€ 15 per memory

You get your files on USB sticks. (You can also use your own USB memory instead.)

Why digitize?

Do you have old video or audio tapes or cassettes lying around collecting dust? Tapes lose their quality and become fragile over the years. Also, today it is not so easy to get hold of working tape decks to play them, as the format is largely extinct.

It's high time to recover your old treasures and convert them to a digital format so you can easily watch them on your TV or computer.

Today, there are cheap digitization adapters for those who want to digitize their cassettes themselves. The problem with them is that the image quality is not good. If you want to digitize your cassettes with the highest possible quality, you can leave the job to us. Then you also do not have to worry about transfer equipment, file formats and more.

Get in touch and we will arrange a time for handing over the tapes.

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