Podcast editing

Do you find editing your podcast difficult and time consuming? Do you want to concentrate on creating content instead? At Janeco, we help you achieve a professional end result.

Podcast editing
Podcast editing

100 € / episode
You record episodes
We deliver an edited mp3 file ready to upload
Direct communication with sound engineer


I am transparent in the pricing of my services. You record the episodes and send the files digitally to me. I edit, mix, add any vignettes and deliver a file to you, which is ready to upload to the podcast services.
Contact me and we can discuss more about your needs.

Need help editing your podcast?

Have you started a podcast and need someone to take care of the editing? Audio editing is a time consuming job . At Janeco, we can help you edit and quality assure your podcasts , so you can focus on the creating itself. With many years of work experience of editing both radio programs and podcasts, we work efficiently and with highest quality.

In the editing phase, we can cut out interruptions , silence, and repetition of words. We can also improve speech intelligibility, add effects and make the podcast pleasant to listen to. If you need vignette music , background music or atmospheric sound effects in your podcast, we can also be of service. We always start from your wishes and make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

Is podcasting new to you? Do not know what equipment you need? We offer consulting services and technical support to help you make the highest quality recordings possible with your particular equipment.

Want to learn how to cut your podcast yourself? We provide private lessons in podcast editing and music production. Get in touch and we can talk more about your needs.

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